Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Biggest Big Year

I doubt anyone had a busier 2016 than Arjan Dwarshuis.
Sure, it is fun to set a world record, but the number wouldn’t last forever. In fact, it stood just one year. Last week, Dutch birder Arjan Dwarshuis topped 6333 species of birds so far in 2016, and he’s still going strong. New world record holder, Arjan Dwarshuis has now broken the incredible record of American birder Noah Strycker, which was set on 2015.
Big Years—birder slang for yearlong benders to see as many birds in a given area as possible—are a huge undertaking, even when focused on the birds in a given county or state. Hardcore birders with lots of spare time (and money) and a permissive spouse occasionally make a run at the American record, currently held by Noah Strycker, who saw 6,042 species in 2015.
Jetwing Eco Holidays had the distinction of helping him and his friend Max van Waasdijk to find his lifer piping plover, fish crow, red bellied woodpecker, boat tailed grackle, and sandhill crane. Add another 5 to the lifer score! The adventure continues!

Jetwing Eco Holidays congratulates Arjan with this great achievement !!

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