Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Strange animal species found in Sinharaja

A new animal species was discovered in the Sinharaja Forest Reserve this evening by Wildlife officials, the Sustainable Development and Wildlife Ministry said. The officials had rushed to scene following information received around 4 pm about a strange kind of animal in the forest. The animal was found after an extensive search in the Panapola Kosgulana area between Weddagala and Pothupitiya in the Sinharaja forest reservation. Wildlife officials informed the department that the animal could not be identified and it appeared to look like a golden mongoose or polecat. But it was different from other polecat species, because it had no tail and its fur was yellow and brown. The forest department is seeking assistance from the villagers or individuals who have seen this animal. This animal weighing around 3.3 kgs is 60 centimeters long. The officials suspect that the animal may not have a tail as it was lost at a younger age. the height of the animal, including its arms span, is about 39.1 centimeters. The department said necessary genetic experiments were to be carried out to identify this animal.