Monday, March 9, 2015

National Geographic, BT boost for Lanka’s wild life

Sri Lanka’s alluring wild life has got a boost via National Geographic and UK’s BT Channel 424 airing it on Sunday nights.
In prompting the telecast BT says “Discover dazzling landscapes, stunning seas and exotic creaturesin ‘Wild Sri Lanka’ now on Nat Geo Wild.”
“Sri Lanka’s definitely at the luxury end of the wildlife spectrum and there’s plenty to ‘ooh!’ over in this sumptuous series, unveiling the iconic animals, sublime scenery and startling secrets of this tropical gem set in the Indian Ocean,” it added.
“From over-excited elephants fighting for the best grassy bit in the meadow to acrobatic monkeys under aerial attack from eagles, leopards stubbornly refusing to change their spots, and dolphins outwitting all around them, this is natural history to drool over,” BT Channel 424 said.