Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wildlife Sightings - January 2014

Jetwing naturalist chauffeur guide Anura Bandara shared the following photos after his latest tour

Elephant crossing at Senanayake Samudhraya 

Senanayaka samudraya is the only place in the entire country where you could witness the “Great Swimming". Elephants swim from the mainland to several of the islands in the water tank in search of food. The best time to witness this marvelous spectacular is during the month of August when the water levels are low. There're only two boats that're available at the moment & they're both being operated by the Wildlife Department. If you visit to witness the “Great Swimming" please note that elephants are vulnerable during their swim & therefore are not to be approached directly, so that the animals may be scared & may even drown trying to escape from the boats. This is a very delicate matter which needs to be witnessed from a far. Nature such as this should only be witnessed, not experienced.

Kumana National Park

Lesser Hill Mynah

Black Headed Ibis 

Little Comran

Water Buffalo


Images courtesy of Jetwing naturalist chauffeur guide Anura Bandara