Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wildlife Sighting - 01-12-13

Jetwing Eco Holidays Naturalist Chauffeur guide Vicky, Currently on tour saw & photographed "Ceylon Wooshrike" at Horathapola Estate and many Leopards at Wilpattu National Park.

Ceylon Woodshrike (Tephrodornis affinis) is found mainly in the scrub jungle of the dry lowlands. Not uncommon in suiable forests and adjoining chena (slash and burn agriculture) lands with patches of scrub forest. Sexes are similar. An overall greyish bird with a dask mask. The under parts are pale. It is what birders describe as a nondescript bird. It is an insectivorous bird. It has two or three regular calls, one of which is a lovely musical whistled call which ends with peep peep peep.

Bird description courtesy of "The Endemic Birds of Sri Lanka" by Gehan de Silva Wijeyratne 

Image by Gehan de Silva Wijeyratne
Image by Anuradha Abeysinghe