Monday, November 25, 2013

We Saw a Blue Whale, Really! Whale Watching, Mirissa Sri Lanka

In general, I believe that anything is possible, that’s mostly what’s got us where we are today. But if you’d asked me, even 3 weeks ago, if I ever thought I’d see a blue whale, the biggest creature that has ever existed on our fragile planet, the answer would have been a resounding “No!”.

I would have been wrong.

Quick Blue Whale Facts
Blue whales come in at around 100 feet ( 30 m) long and weigh in at 200 tons.
Their tongues alone can weigh as much as an elephant ( that’s impressive!).
There are thought to be 10,000 to 25,000 blue whales left.
Blue whales are baleen whales, they eat krill.
The best place to see blue whales would be off the California coast. Or is it?

Mirissa Sri Lanka. The Best Place to See Blue Whales
I really didn't believe we’d see a blue whale. After an hour in what I considered an inadequately sized boat and seeing nothing more thrilling than a few flying fish, I was expecting to get our whale-no-show 50% refund.
Then it happened.
A huge white plume of air and water shot into the sky ahead of us. The first thing we saw, the whale’s spout, the second a dark shape on the surface of the water. We’d found our whale. A huge and lengthy shape slowly gliding down into the depths giving us a flash of an enormous tail as he disappeared.
We saw several whales this morning, blue whales and the stockier right whales. We didn't get very close and none of them were doing back flips for us, but it was an experience I wouldn't have missed for the world.
My camera is still very sick indeed, but I've done my best with what I could get.

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Whale Watching Images 

(Courtesy of Gehan de Silva Wijeyrathne)